19-01-03 12:40

The fool and the dog

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Well I had a stick like the guy in the picture and I had a bag, though not on the stick but rather on my back, with a ten kilo medicine ball in it. I was not hanging off a cliff. But I was smelling the flowers. Let me explain before I get to the dog..that bloody great muckle beast of a German Shepherd. It is my wont to walk barefoot in the mornings. It is Winter in Japan and I know that guy with his New Year kite thought I was a completely crazy old bugger. Fair enough. He looked almost offended that I should so disgrace the neighbourhood by walking on its white, frosty grass with my white, shoeless feet. Or maybe I was completely wrong and he was just walking by.. That is the moral of this story actually, if you like yours with morals. Do not assume anything and do not take anything personally..two of those hefty four agreements I had learned over the years and often forgotten to activate inside this aging skull. Who knows what anybody thinks anyway? I mean, how could you?? Up the hi