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No Man’s Land

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“Fuck man what happened?” “Fishermen on the beach got me with a machete on the arm. Not too bad though, I managed to run off..” The American was the second guy in a week with a story like this. Driving the jeep across Tanzania I had heard a similar story from a local white man, the guy with the bandage on the head, the guy who needed me to drive his vehicle because of those weak spells. The lead pipe had fractured his skull two weeks earlier and the motive had been the same as the fishermen in Dar Es Salaam, the capital of this wobbly nation. Dough. Bread. Money.. Both guys had given me vicarious experiences in a manner of speaking. I had never gotten a driving license but who gives a shit in the Mikumi national park driving through elephants and giraffes, literally. “You know the worst thing can happen to you out here boy?” Shifting gears on the old landrover with a deep crunch I humoured Mr. Leadskull who was at least twice as old as my fledgling


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The Plasma Bus

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The Plasma Bus: Excerpt from the novel by rainbowjags on July 10th, 2010 Yokohama, Japan Circa 2009 Gabriel was beginning to feel slightly nervous. The six men in the Cadillac stretch limo now speeding towards Yokohama were obviously feeling it too. Nijitora was driving. He had been drinking all day as was his custom every day, every week. That was the old school of gangster boss in Japan. Or had he actually graduated from the Yakuza? This was what was weighing on Gabriel’s mind, having only met him a week before. Now he was unwittingly, and yes, perhaps even dangerously embedded in this very different world. Shit! The six men were all watching gangster rap videos in the back of the aged white limo. They all had identical and rather pretentious blazers on. Were they recruits in some bizarre new kind of private army? “ Shades of harakiri author and die hard imperialist, Yukio Mishima anybody? ” , mused Gabriel to himself as he pulsed to the music with them. “These guys would not know M


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Get it off your chest

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The old inn was made for troubled pilgrims like me. Tatami mat floor, small table that can be folded and put away and a basic shower toilet about big enough to fit a largish, overweight child in. You paid a set price for the dinner on the night of arrival, the room and a huge breakfast the next day. About fifty dollars. Eat, collapse into sleep.. The problem was this ohenro pilgrim could not stand to eat raw fish, the principal ingredient of both meals. But when in Rome, and when in need of vital protein to walk thirty kilometers a day on, then you eat sashimi.   I was most definitely in rural Japan. This was the place the Japanese economic miracle had bi-passed on its way to Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Here you could walk past half a dozen abandoned petrol stations and coffee shops in a day and marvel at the grass growing on the roofs and up over the entrances. Like the owners had teleported en masse. Nobody had the money to buy them or even to knock them down. So they were left to the


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Earth Pilgrims

An interview about Earth Pilgrims


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LSD and the Mind of the Universe

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Foreword to the Japanese translation By Echan Deravy and kindly edited by Dr. Christopher Bache “ It’s a very salutary thing to realize that the rather dull universe in which most of us spend most of our time is not the only universe there is. I think it’s healthy that people should have this experience.” Aldous Huxley, Moksha: Writings on Psychedelics & the Visionary Experience   Over half a century ago in the swinging sixties the buzz word was ‘acid’. ‘Drop acid’ , ‘acid trips’ , ‘acid flashbacks’ ‘bad acid’ and ‘ heavy acid’ come to mind now. Acid is of course the nickname we young hippies gave to LSD. It had been synthesised by Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman in 1938, and in 1943 he became the first person, albeit accidentally, to ‘trip out’ on its hallucinogenic properties. Millions of young people like me took it to party, to have weird and wonderful hallucinations. Darker agendas for its use were also in existence as the US government secretly carried out mind


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日本語版への前書き エハン・デラヴィ(編集:クリス・ベイシ) 今や半世紀以上も前となる活気あふれる60年代の当時のバズワードは「アシッド」であった。「ドロップ・アシッド」、「アシッド・トリップ」、「アシッド・フラッシュバック」、「バッド・アシッド」や「ヘヴィ・アシッド」などの言葉が思い浮かぶ。アシッドとは、もちろん我々若いヒッピーたちがLSDにつけた俗称だ。LSDはスイス人科学者アルバート・ホフマンによって1938年に合成され、1943年にはホフマン自身、偶然ではあるものの、世界で始めてこの成分の幻覚作用によって「トリップ」している。当時何百万人もの私のような若者たちが、大いに楽しむため、または、奇妙で素晴らしい幻覚体験をするために摂取したのである。 LSDの使用に関しては、闇の計画も存在した。1950年代には米国政府によるLSDを使ったマインドコントロール実験が秘密裏に行われた。私がLSDを試し始めた1969年には米国では違法の薬剤となっていたが、それも近々変わるかも知れない。2020年にオレゴン州で行われた住民投票により、LSDは非犯罪化された。ホフマンはLSDは社会には何ら危険を及ぼさないという主張を貫き通したが、活気あふれる60年代がその評判を損ねたのだ。ホフマン自身はずっと使い続けて102歳という高齢に至るまで寿命を全うしている。というわけで、この本の中で語られる探究というのは、現在日本で禁止されている成分によって可能となったものである。禁じられた果実なのである。この点については読者の皆さんは徹底して理解する必要がある。欧米諸国と違って日本では精神的疾患に対するLSDの療法的使用に関する研究は一切行われていない。 クリス・ベイシが20年かけて行った秘密に行った実験についてのこの素晴らしい物語をお読みいただくにあたり、当時彼が住んでいたアメリカでは、彼のしていたことは法律によって禁じられていたことを忘れてはならない。このことについて彼は真摯に受けとめ、彼は体験を40年間隠し通すこととなるのである。しかしながら、時代は変わる。人によって変わるのだ。ベイシ博士のような人によって。 私は独立した研究者であり、執筆家であり、映画製作者である。私の中心的なテーマはこれまでずっと一貫して「意識はどうやって存在するのか?私たちはどうやって思考し、夢を見、ビジョンを得、記